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Innovation is the key

SISACS Air Management Limited (“SISACS”) was founded by Stuart Innes, the inventor of the SISACS technology, to deliver SISACS air management systems to international markets where there is a demand for indoor air quality at an affordable price.

Over the last 5 years SISACS has developed its air management technology while pursuing international patents.

Innovation has not stopped with the first patents and more are in process as SISACS seeks to enhance the key healthy benefits of its technology.

In addition, SISACS has teamed up with an international manufacturer to produce the SISACS components at competitive prices.

Commercial success

SISACS has been succesful in achieving early recogniton commercially and has signed a contract for supply of SISACS systems to a major regional redevelopment in Maryborough, Queensland Australia. Over the life of this project the value to SISACS is in excess of $A40 million dollars.

SISACS is also working closely with other businesses who have identified the benefits associated with installing SISACS systems in food manufacturing and poultry production. Discussions are continuing with other parties on a range of applications and installations which include medical facilities, hospitals, hotels and premium private dwellings.

SISACS has appointed an Australian distributor and is in discussions with parties who have expressed an interest in distributing SISACS in New Zealand, Pacific Islands, India, China and the USA.

Gearing up for growth

The investment to date has been fully funded by the inventor and associated commercial activities.

SISACS is now entering a full commercialisation phase which will require additional capital.   We are in negotiations with organisations, individual investors, as well as government support to further develop and test SISACS Air Management Systems.

Meet our team

The founder of SISACS has brought together an experienced group of individuals to guide the growth and development of the business.

Stuart Innes

Founder, Chairman

Stuart Innes has many years of business experience in the corporate world and in his own right. Stuart is the inventor and founder of Sisacs International Pty Ltd. He has an extensive history in innovation and business creation.

After having been the New Zealand and South Pacific Manager for Sidchrome Tools for 10 years the opportunity arose to pursue a long held interest in developing ideas into reality.

Over the last 35 years, Stuart has successfully brought forward a number of inventions including:

  • a smart rustproofing application and product system

  • an alternative to steel post fencing along with accessories

  • and the world first and only certified organic weed spray

Patents were granted under PCT application and the companies eventually sold privately or taken to an Initial Public Offering ( IPO ).

SISACS is the pinnacle of a life time of innovation and is once again a responsible product designed to help people worldwide with clean air and the harvesting of carbon dioxide from ambient air as a world first initiative.

Stuart has held directorships of both public and private companies over many years.

Daniel Willis

Administration Director

Daniel Willis spent the first 13 years after school in the military fulfilling many administrative roles while simultaneously running his first few startup businesses. With a passion for business Daniel left the military to join the private sector starting a business consulting company contracting to the major Australian petroleum companies. During this period Daniel went on to became a multi-site franchisee with 11 service stations employing 120 staff with a business turnover in excess of $120 million per year.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of business Daniel has spent the last 30+ years starting and running many businesses from corporate cleaning companies, fast food operations, coffee shops, merchandising & stock auditing consultancy and an agricultural manufacturing company (forming a Private Public Partnership with the Qld State Government).

Daniel has a wealth of knowledge in business operations, capital raising, staff management, exporting, importing, corporate structure and government liaison. Daniel is very excited to be part of the Sisacs team and believes this revolutionary concept will dramatically change indoor air quality for the better and improve people's health around the world.

Robert Murray

Director Marketing and Sales

Rob has 20+ years experience of sales, marketing, import, export and distribution of numerous products into the US and Australia markets. He has participated in several consumer product launches, direct marketing campaigns, television campaigns including several products on QVC in the USA.

Rob has been successful building businesses from inception, licensing, franchising, and various channels of distribution. Rob’s experience has been at the front-line working directly with customers and prospects. Rob has been successful creating license models and staff training programs to perform service duties as well how to increase point-of-sale transactions.

In the past 5 years, Rob heavily invested his time, money and resources into renewable technologies. He was a director of an intelligent lighting systems technology, back-up and portable battery systems, and most recently Sisacs International Pty Ltd. He is excited about these new technologies and the potential they have for commercial viability and sustainable impact.

Key team members

Warwick Cope-Williams

R&D Engineering Manager

Warwick has a strong grounding as an engineering consultant in steel products and in CCTV systems. Based on his experience he immediately assessed the SISACS project to be one of enormous potential and enduring benefits worldwide.

In his early years Warwick served 12 years with the Australian Army as a Communications and Cryptography officer. After that he went on to own his own business.

Warwick has worked tirelessly over the past few years to enhance SISACS and he helped create the proof of concept. This involved installation of a SISACS system into a double storied Chalet. This installation ran faultlessly for a period of two years under test. Subsequently Warwick has used his engineering and development skills to enhance and refine the SISACS designs.



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