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Healthy housing, hotels, medical care

Marybourough developments

SISACS has its first large contractual order for SISACS with the remodelling of Marborough, Queensland Australia based on the need for a Green or Eco environment that demonstrates large savings on input energy.

All buildings and homes to be featured as having the worlds cleanest internal air.6 to 8 year development budgeted to require in excess of $A42 million dollars worth of SISACS units.

Development to include supermarket, private Hospital, 10-story hotel and in excess of 2,100 private dwellings.

Cousin’s Development Group Website - click here

Queens Park Hotel

This project is going through the approval process.The project consists of a 1,364 m² site on the corner of Adelaide and Sussex Streets, Maryborough, upon which Cousins Development Group Pty Ltd is considering building approximately 50 apartments in a five-level building with ground floor retail. The site offers attractive northerly views across the heritage-listed Queens Park, located opposite, and of the Mary River from higher levels.

Proposed urban renewal project

This Urban renewal projects is to be developed on a unique parcel of land, beside the Maryborough CBD. This land is ready for re-development, it is in an area of moderate to high density urban land use.Cousins Development Group's aim is to re-develop this large parcel of land along side the Maryborough CBD and envisage this Urban renewal project to play an important role in the demographics of Maryborough City.

Russell Cousins - Maryborough developer

Community redevelopment

Russell Cousins has been a Property Developer since 1985, after giving up his mining career as an Electrical Technician, in which he specialised in the upgrades to computerised systems to increase the production rate in mining projects such as the Port Headland Crushing Facility and the Bougainville Copper Crushing Facility to name a few.

Cousins Development Group, headed by Russell Cousins, has for the past year been focusing its attention on the Historic Town of Maryborough some 3.5 hours north of Brisbane.

Maryborough has been mooted to be a new Super City and Cousins Development Group is proud to be helping build infrastructure for the town to expand in residential and rural residential - the Mary Village Life project consisting of some 1,270 homes in six separate gated communities, also the construction of a commercial 8 Storey Hotel in the CBD overlooking spectacular Queens Park. Other projects include a significant Supermarket complex for Tinana, an expanding growth area of Maryborough.

Cousins Development Group is also promoting and supporting the proposed University Campus, which will be located beside the CBD, close to the Arts precinct, this exciting project will enhance the CBD and revitalize the Town centre.

Russell Cousins recognises that the SISACS Air System, being the cleanest Air management system available, will play a very important role in producing the cleanest air for all residential and commercial projects built by the Cousins Development Group.

In my 30 years or more of developments I have seen progress in the construction field, but nothing quite like the current need for eco-friendly green building considerations as people become more and more aware of the environment.
This includes the air we all breathe and my choice of SISACS air management systems to fulfil this most important issue of internal air quality.
Maryborough is a “new breath of life” in an historic part of Queensland that rightly deserves to be rebuilt to accommodate all people from newlyweds to retirees.
Our developments are eco considerate wherever possible but none more so than providing low energy air cleansing and cooling that will provide pure germ free quality air in every home and commercial building we construct in this district. This is why I chose SISACS air management in my buildings.

Russell Cousins, Developer, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Healthy industrial & manufacturing

SISACS is working with a manufacturer of high quality food and protein products.

The owner of the business has identified the air quality benefits and economics and has indicated an interest in fitting his two factories with SISACS systems.

Healthy animal production

Improving wellbeing in poutry production

SISACS is working with a Australian-based poultry production expert who has identified the benefits SISACS can bring - controlling temperature, relative humidity and toxic gas build up which affects chicken health, wellbeing and growth.

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