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Super Integrated Security & Air Cleansing System

SISACS is the abbreviation for Super Integrated Security & Air Cleansing System. It is an exciting new technology that challenges the increasingly poor indoor air quality of the 21st Century.

The SISACS company has Patents granted in the USA, China, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and Japan.

SISACS International PTY Limited, is the owner of a Patented invention designed to change the way we think about air conditioning. It has been branded ‘SISACS’ by its inventor.

SISACS is the solution to modern air conditioning issues

For many years we have been concerned that the qualtiy of the air we breathe indoors is not creating health and well being. In most climates, some form of air conditioning is required but there are many issues with current air conditioning technology.

Cool or warm air is recycled over and over again by modern air conditioners. The air becomes more polluted and unhealthy. If the air conditioner has a filtration unit then it is often neglected and this makes the problem worse.

  • SISACS was invented to address current air conditioning problems:

    1. Cool or warm air is produced by air handling equipment after which it is ducted into an enclosed internal space; it is then recycled over and over again.

  • 2. The recycled air becomes more and more polluted air, cooled or warmed, and returned to the space it was recycled from.

  • 3. Filtration units in air handling equipment are often neglected and do not maintain air quality standards.

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The SISACS difference

SISACS is significantly different to the standard air conditioning which DOES NOT create Air Quality. SISACS is an Air Management, Air Cleansing and Air Conditioning System all in one. It CREATES Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

SISACS purpose is to continually maintain healthy pure air quality within confined environments to always meet or better international standards.

What sets SISACS apart

SISACS is a totally new approach and a long overdue upgrade to the air conditioning standard that is universally accepted in the building industry.

SISACS is an Air Management System directly focused on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) whilst continuing to provide cool or warm air.

While SISACS uses many of the components used in traditional air handling equipment to create the SISACS “air product” it does not just “push” air into the internal environment and leave it. SISACS takes control and manages every litre of the “air product” from the time it is inducted into the building before guiding it on a pre-determined passage to ensure the air is always fresh and clean. Air is constantly being expelled and replaced within the interior zones.

Managing the “QUALITY” of the “Air Product” has never been the top priority of the manufacturers of the air conditioning equipment, nor of the manufacturers of the ducting.

Air conditioning industry priorities have revolved around the efficiency and cost of the air handling equipment – an engineering challenge rather than an air quality approach.

SISACS features and benefits

Fresh air

SISACS constantly introduces 100% fresh non-recycled air to all indoor areas. This is one of our secrets - the constant introduction of filtered fresh air sets SISACS apart from the rest.

Healthy airflow

At up to 900 litres per second air flow, the SISACS system continually cleanses air of germs, allergens and pollutants. This means helathy air for you, all the time.

Novel cooling

SISACS hybrid evaporation and atmospheric water generation refrigeration technology saves power and copes with humidity extremes.


SISACS hybrid technology is more efficient than traditional air conditioners and requires much less energy to operate. This means savings for you.


Kinetic energy produced by the system produces power to use in the home or feed back into the power grid.


Insulates your living areas from the sun’s heat by regulating the temperature in the roof cavity to buffer the indoor temperature.


The hybrid cooling technology utilises an atmospheric water generation component which provides fresh drinking water.

Carbon dioxide

SISACS incorporates the latest technology for extraction of carbon dioxide which can be released later for a range of uses.


SISACS monitors your air and acts as an intelligent smoke alarm system in all vented indoor areas.

Calls for help

When SISACS detects smoke it can send a fire alarm message automatically to your nominated emergency service.


When smoke is detected SISACS shuts down the air conditioning and closes all vents to starve the fire of oxygen.

Remote control

SISACS is designed for remote monitoring and control so you can regulate the indoor temperature before you get home.

SISACS is designed to create healthy living

How SISACS works

Ambient outdoor air is drawn into the induction unit at up to 900 litres per second and filtrated for particulate pollution.

A percentage of water vapour is removed from the air and syphoned off as potable water for use in the operating systems wet pads which also act as a wet filter when in AWG mode of operation.

Ambient air being drawn into the SISACS unit passes through a sorbent which captures CO2 for harvesting and for claiming carbon credits.

Cold air is diffused into the interior at floor level and hot air removed at ceiling level at the same time, OR

Hot air is diffused into the interior at ceiling level and cold air removed at floor level at the same time.

Advanced airflow technology

Extracted air is continually drawn into the ceiling cavity by ducting leading to the extractor in the SISACS air handler unit.

The force of the air leaving the extractor unit kinetically drives a magnetic alternator to produce energy which can be wired into the mains or battery system.

SISACS electronics is monitoring and controlling all systems continually as well as reading the amount of air passing through the CO2 filter and reading room temperatures and pollution levels in addition to monitoring the smoke alarm smart system.

All vents are electronically operated and controlled by SISACS microprocessor electronics.

Air flow management is the key

The air is channeled from the induction unit through ducting that is installed in the walls of a building to a vent at floor level. The cool air is delivered at this level because cool air always sit below warm air and it makes no sense to deliver cool air on top of warm air at all. Ducting is also installed to a vent at ceiling level which extracts air from the room. This induction and extraction process operates in harmony with each other to maintain room temperature and provide a permanent clean air environment. At no time is the air recycled. The end result is that germs and other pollutants are extracted as quickly as they occur and replaced immediately with new, fresh clean air. This result is achieved with all windows and doors closed.

What happens to the extracted air? The air is being inducted and extracted at up to 900 litres per second and after initial start up, the extracted air is basically clean and at a temperature not much different to the internal room from where it has come from. In the case of a house, this goes directly into the roof cavity where it enters the extractor shute. Inside the shute is a free running centrifugal fan being driven by the kinetic energy from the extraction fan. This fan is wired to a magnet alternator that in turn produces electricity for the grid to help offset power needs. The added benefit to the roof cavity is a natural insulation effect of the cool air from the internal rooms which also helps keep ducting in the roof cavity at a lower temperature. Because this is a continuous flow, it tends to maintain lower temperatures.

Unique airflow efficiency

Hot air is lighter and rises above the heavier cool air.

If the room is being cooled then warm air is removed at ceiling height and cool air delivered at floor level. If the room is being warmed, cold air is removed at floor level and warm air introduced at ceiling height.

The air is extracted continuously at the same rate it is introduced. This process is undertaken by a series of electronic opening and closing vents within the building and controlled by the SISACS Master Control Unit.

Unique ducting design

The extractor duct is strategically placed within the roof cavity. Each litre of inducted and extracted air is used during its brief time inside the internal space to provide extended benefits not available in any other system.This contrasts with usual air conditioners which introduce and recycle air from the ceiling level only.

Unique twin chamber units

The unique patented twin chamber wall units are an integral component of the SISACS system. These units ensure that the airflow is optimised depending on the cooling or heating requirements in the room.

Typical house layout

While there is no such thing as a “typical house” the diagram below illustrates a possible SISACS configuration showing the typical design elements. Whether the house is large or small, the principles are the same and the design can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Carbon dioxide capture and utilisation

Environmental benefits

One of the continuing innovations of the SISACS technology is the capture of carbon dioxide from the air extracted from the house by the SISACS system.

SISACS is working with world-leading scientific institutions and has incorporated carbon sequestration technology into its design.

The captured carbon dioxide can then be harvested for a number of valuable end uses such as food grade carbon dioxide or it can be used to “supercharge” the growth of oil-rich algae for the production of biodiesel or specialised algae for food and pharmacetical applications.

Through utilisaiton of SISACS technology the opportunity exists to reduce passive carbon emissions and to create an ecconomic benefit through carbon credits along with specialist end uses for the carbon dioxide.

SISACS is good for the environment - by design.

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